Tuesday, August 2, 2016



It’s been a long-time topic on The Best Show over the years. Every once in awhile we take a step back and we rank EVERYTHING from best to worst. In past years nothing topped a row of ducks crossing the street and stopping traffic. This year it might be something different, although ducks crossing the street still sounds pretty strong.

We will get to the bottom of it tonight!

And there are a million other things we’re gonna talk about too! And I will be joined by the incredible artist J PENRY and fashion superstar JUDI ROSEN! It’s gonna be fun!

And we’re keeping THE DREYFUSS 100 alive! One hundred bucks to the charity of Richard Dreyfuss’s choice if he calls in for five minutes!

The on-air number is 201-332-3484 to get in on the action!

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And the hashtag for tonight is #TheOrderOfThings