Thursday, October 15, 2015

This Week’s Best Show with Julie Klausner & Hayes Davenport! Tom is named Village Voice’s 2015 Best FM Radio Personality!


If you haven't downloaded this week's Best Show, make sure you do it now! A classic Best Show episode featuring amazing guests such as JULIE KLAUSNER (Difficult People) & HAYES DAVENPORT (Hollywood Handbook)!! Tom also received a call from sports legend DICK NORTON!!

Check out the clips below! THEN, download the podcast for the WHOLE experience.

PETER GARRETT/BRAD GARRETT - with Julie Klausner & Hayes Davenport

Escape The Room - with Julie Klausner & Hayes Davenport

Also, thanks so much to Village Voice for naming Tom their Best FM Radio Personality for 2015! It's a huge honor for a radio show that isn't even on FM radio anymore! It's very much appreciated. Check out the article here!